Pivotal Tracker git post-receive hook

Github’s webhooks feature is great, hovewer many people still like to self-host their git repositories. I’m one of them, and I also like Pivotal Tracker as project management tool. So I wrote this simple git hook to automatically hook up my commits to stories in Pivotal. You will need ruby & nokogiri gem for this.

GitHub Gist

To get it to work on your remote repo:

git clone git://gist.github.com/2352380.git /tmp
mv /tmp/post-receive-pivotal $YOUR_GIT_REPO/.git/hooks/post-receive

(alternatively you can keep it in .git/hooks/post-receive-pivotal and make original post-receive run it)

chmod +x $YOUR_GIT_REPO/.git/hooks/post-receive
git config pivotal.token [YOUR_PIVOTAL_TOKEN]

Now you can do commit messages like “[finishes #123456] bugfix” and after you push comments will be added to your pivotal story.

Read more about awesome git hooks.

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